General Queries

How does Indistay select its hotels?

We are constantly uncovering amazing places to stay through our own detective work, customer recommendations and hotels approaching us, and we select only the most promising to review.


All hotels undergo a strict selection process before they can be included on our site. Unlike many other websites out there, we do not accept any payment from hotels or cut any deals in order to be featured, so you can be sure of our unbiased and impartial selection. When selecting hotels, we take everything into consideration – service, décor, management, uniqueness and overall experience – and if we like what we see, it goes on our website. Our well-travelled team of reviewers all have backgrounds in architecture, hotel design and development or hospitality, so believe us when we say that we know what we’re looking for.


Once a hotel is featured, we monitor their guest reviews for consistently good ratings. If the reviews drop (due to factors such as a change in management, lack of maintenance, etc.) then the hotel is removed. Essentially we ask ourselves, would we pay to stay in this hotel if it were up to us? If so, they're in. If not, they're not.




What can you tell me about each hotel?

Everything that’s worth knowing! Most times we've been there in person, so you can count on us to tell you everything you need to know, from the best rooms, recommended restaurant dishes and activities in the area, to the not-so-great, such as the lack of nearby restaurants or problems with mosquitoes. We know that the little things can make or break a vacation, so we try to give you the most accurate picture possible. This way you can best decide whether the hotel is suitable for your needs before parting with your hard-earned money.



What do the 'Indistay Verified' and 'Indistay Approved' stamps mean?

Here at Indistay, we are committed to bringing you our transparent hotel reviews and opinions. On each hotel page, you'll see a stamp with either the words 'Indistay Verified' or 'Indistay Approved'.


'Indistay Verified' means that we or a member of our team of correspondents have visited the hotel in person and verified that it meets our strict selection criteria.


We're a small team and sometimes we can't get to all the hotels we'd like to introduce you to as quickly as we'd like. 'Indistay Approved' means that although we haven't visited yet, the hotel meets our quality standards. 



Can you help me to find a place for my wedding/special celebration/honeymoon?

We would be happy to! We know all the hotels, resorts and private villas in Asia like the back of our hand, and have discovered some truly amazing places for holding special celebrations, including weddings, parties, family reunions, honeymoons, retreats and company workshops. Feel free to contact us for more advice.